Waxing for Men & Women

Our Number 1 Service

We offer full body waxing to men and women. For most of our services we use hard wax, WAX WITHOUT STRIPS. Hard wax is known to be less painful, gentle enough for the most sensitive areas and less time consuming. By using quality professional wax we are able to minimize the pain and discomfort traditionally associated with the service while also being efficient and cut down on your appointment time. WE ARE NOT A SPA- no spa prices or services. Our Speed waxers will get you In and out; most services take 20 minutes or less so you have more time for the other things you enjoy.

We promote waxing as the primary grooming method for hair removal and achieving a more manageable hair texture. With consistent waxing, every 4 weeks the frequency of ingrown hairs is decreased and the discomfort associated with waxing is becomes minimal. So wax on.